Our Mission

Leverage technological innovations for the future success of Moroccan girls and women by encouraging them to pursue scientific and technological careers, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, achieve financial independence, and gain awareness of sustainable development issues.

Our values

Quality education
eSTEM Morocco plays a crucial role in promoting quality education by encouraging young girls to acquire skills in STEAM fields. The association offers educational programs, mentoring opportunities and educational resources that are essential to breaking down gender barriers and enabling girls to access quality education.

Decent work and economic growth
​eSTEM Morocco makes a significant contribution to achieving this goal by inspiring young girls to become entrepreneurs and providing them with skills in science and technology. This promotes the creation of quality jobs, economic growth and financial autonomy for women.

Gender equality

eSTEM Morocco is strongly committed to promoting gender equality by encouraging girls to pursue careers in science and technology. The association raises awareness of gender equality issues and helps to eliminate gender stereotypes, creating equal opportunities for girls in traditionally male fields.

Combating climate change

eSTEM Morocco's commitment to raising awareness of sustainable technologies and environmental sustainability is fundamental. The association inspires young people to embrace careers related to green technology and sustainable urban planning, thereby fostering the creation of resilient, environmentally-friendly communities.