Our Mission

Leverage technological innovations for the future success of Moroccan girls and women by encouraging them to pursue scientific and technological careers, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, achieve financial independence, and gain awareness of sustainable development issues.

Our Answer

eSTEM Morocco's social model is fundamentally based on the Titrit digital platform. The NGO has consolidated its entire offering on this platform to reach as many girls as possible across the Kingdom.

It offers five programs that revolve around a central philosophy : placing the girl at the center of the support ecosystem and encouraging her to adopt a hands-on learning approach and contribute to the community
​1. Mentoring Circle is a mandatory entry program into the eSTEAM universe, allowing girls to start their personal development journey and get to grips with the Titrit platform.
2. STEAM Education is where girls acquire scientific and technological skills in various fields
​3. Technovation Girls is the world’s largest competition for junior in mobile app development and artificial intelligence
​4. Tigmi Impact enables girls to apply their digital skills to support a female entrepreneur
5. Titrit Inspire is a set of diverse activities designed to inspire girls towards technological careers. It includes:
​- Enterprise shadowing
​- Role model stories
​- Future careers
​- Technology centers visits
​- Space beautification
​- Public speaking

​​eSTEM Morocco has adopted an open model, making the Titrit platform available to its partner associations and also encouraging young girls to enhance their skills by participating in partner programs. To successfully fulfill its mission, eSTEM Morocco relies on five support pillars:
1. Digital Centers : Computer centers, located throughout the Kingdom of Morocco, designed to provide access to the connectivity infrastructure and physical STEAM learning environment for girls. 
2. Touring Bus : A traveling caravan that reaches out to girls, mentors, partner associations and local communities. The bus organizes events, information sessions, outreach workshops and meetings to present the opportunities offered by eSTEM Morocco. 
3. Think Tank : A network of experts in various fields who enrich the thinking and quality of programs offered to girls. The Think Tank helps to ensure that eSTEM Morocco's programs are adapted to current industry needs.
4. Chat bot : A chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to help girls with various questions about using Titrit. It serves as a valuable resource to guide girls on their Titrit adoption journey.
5. eSTEAM Festival : An event that aims to become the annual rendezvous where girls from all over the country come to meet brilliant minds, innovations and inspiring female role-models. The festival is a celebration of intelligence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the service of Sustainable Development (hence the term STEAM). It offers girls the chance to take part in demonstrations, experiments, hands-on workshops, lectures and exhibitions.